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Wednesday Programs

How to Become an Absentee Owner While Providing Exceptional Care

Laura Laaman

It's easy for pet care business owners to get overwhelmed and burnt out taking care of every aspect of their business—but it doesn't have to be that way! Many wonderful pet care facilities operate with absentee owners. They've intentionally established a self-sufficient business. In this seminar, you’ll discover how this switch can have profound positive impacts on your personal life, financial success, and business health.

Clean, Disinfect, Protect

Chama Gomez & Dr. Lucas Pantaleon

With all the responsibilities of the day-to-day operations, researching, updating, and implementing new standard operating procedures for preventing illness may not be a top priority. Yet, with the current shortages of qualified personnel and recent increase in outbreaks, sick pets or staff can seriously disrupt business operations and negatively impact income. This presentation will define biosecurity and review the basic science behind minimizing the risk of infectious disease transmission. Emphasis will be placed on connecting the science with practical applications necessary for promoting a healthier environment, improving quality of pet care, improving personnel safety, reducing costs, and minimizing loss of income. Good, better, and best practices for cleaning, disinfection, and protection will be reviewed followed by Q&A.

Leverage Technology, Increase Profitability

Garret Tadlock

As a small business owner, you need to be ready to wear many different hats and pull expertise in key areas to ensure success. In this seminar, we are going to do a deep dive into how you can leverage technology to improve all aspects of your pet care business. We will explore how industry-focused software solutions can help streamline operations, enhance the customer experience, allow you to use data/reporting to make important business decisions, and increase your bottom line. Don't miss the opportunity to learn how to streamline your business processes and utilize technology solutions that will help you work smarter, not harder.

Rise Above The Rest! Creative Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Pet Business

Fernando Camacho

As competition in the dog daycare industry grows, you need to do everything you can to make your business stand out and rise above there rest. In this seminar, you’ll learn some out-of-the-box marketing ideas to get people talking about you, create stronger customer bonds, and keep people coming back again and again.

The Perfect Puppy Pipeline

Dominic Hodgson

How would it feel if you had a system to consistently, predictably, and continually build a waiting list of new clients who are desperate to use your services (and no-ones else’s)? Well, that's what happens when you introduce a puppy class pipeline into your daycare! As author of The Perfect Puppy Project, Dom is perfectly placed to share the puppy training expertise mixed with the proven marketing systems that will equip you to plug this new business straight into your existing daycare operation to create additional revenue streams, and provide an everlasting steady stream of perfect clients and delightful daycare-ready dogs.

The Story KPIs Tell

Teija Heikkila

Every business has a story, and Key Performance Indicators tell it. Is the business profitable or not? Sellable or not? What contributes to its success or failure? How does it stack up against others in the industry? This seminar will simplify the KPIs from what payroll percentage should be, how much you should spend on rent, what profit margins are standard, and how KPIs affect business value—all of this in a hard-hitting, simplified form. Get ready to learn the KPIs of your business and write its future story!

Choice Overload: Materials, Construction Options and Costs

Al Locker & Jennifer Wolf-Pierson

Join Al and Jennifer as they go through the material hot topics, identify and outline material and construction needs for new builds, remodels and expansions. The supply chain has impacted availability, cost, and timelines substantially in the post-pandemic era. They will discuss the opportunity costs as well as pros and cons associated the vast choices of flooring, enclosures, turf, ventilation, sanitation, and much more. With this seminar, you will gain the tools necessary to prioritize pet health, maintain visual appeal, and work within your budget!

How to Negotiate Your Way Through a Successful Pet Care Career

Shahrina Ankhi-Krol

Did you know that you negotiate multiple times, every day? Whether it’s for business (price breaks, late pick-ups, raises, etc...) or personal matters, negotiations are a part of our daily lives—especially in an industry where you’re caring for your clients’ family members. In this workshop, attendees will learn the underlying concepts, tips, and tricks of negotiations from Super Lawyer, attorney Shahrina Ankhi-Krol, Esq., who regularly negotiates contracts, business deals, and settlements for her pet business clients. After learning the basics of negotiations, attendees will be divided into small groups and given various scenarios to negotiate with each other to put their newly acquired knowledge to the test.

17 Most Impactful Marketing Tactics to Grow Your Pet Business

John Seal

In this session, you will discover the 17 most impactful and beneficial marketing tactics to set your boarding or daycare business apart from the competition. Tactics include using simple but effective social media strategies to gain engagement, cost effective Google strategies to drive new bookings, and leveraging customer reviews to win new clients. Learn how to apply these principles in your pet business to accelerate growth and keep those tails wagging. This session allows for participants to ask questions about their marketing tactics and get expert advice on how to improve performance.