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Wednesday Programs

Your Client Acquisition Process: Will You Thrive?

Laura Laaman

Even the best businesses lose clients each year. Why? Pet parents move, no longer need your services, or are lured away by your competition. The most successful business owners understand this and recognize it as an opportunity for growth. They work diligently to ensure that each new lead is handled with the same skill used in caring for their guests. If you’re not totally confident that your company consistently turns phone calls, facility tours, and internet leads into reservations, this seminar will change the way you view your business. This is a seminar not to be missed!

Medical Exams: Save Your Clients, Save Your Company

Laura Pakis

There’s nothing worse than an upset client, especially when you can avoid the situation by taking 10 minutes with their dog. In this seminar, Laura will go over the basics of performing a thorough medical exam on all incoming clients. Gaining the tools necessary to perform an intake exam will save you money and headaches by lessening medical issues and keeping clients happy.

Talk Dirty to Me

Chris Quinlan

Join Chris Quinlan for a funny and educational presentation on sanitation in the pet care industry. This class will stress the importance of cleaning in your boarding, grooming, and daycare businesses. Chris will talk about the difference between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting. He will go over the basic products needed to get it done right and share some best practices that will save you both time and money. Join us for this entertaining and informative presentation!

Get Five-Star Reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook

Laura Nelson

When consumers are searching online for pet boarding or daycare options in your area, do you show up? Whether potential clients are searching for somewhere new or are following up on a referral from a friend, it’s critical that you stand out and shine. Learn how you can bolster your business’s online presence to attract new clients. In this session, you will learn how to use free tools to take control of and improve your pages, identify your best customers and generate five-star feedback on the most important review sites, and improve your website to drive more leads. Attendees will learn best practices in customer follow-up and referral strategies that can be applied immediately.

Choosing Durable Materials for Animal Care Interiors

Ritch Batterton

When building or updating your facility, the decisions that need made are endless. And choosing materials for your interior finishes are no different. In this seminar, Ritch will cover many common materials used in the interiors of animal care facilities, along with their pros and cons.

Mental Health and the Dog Daycare Industry

Teena Patel

Dog daycare owners and operators are burnt out, but there's a way to fix that. Creating and implementing systems can help take the emotions out of things, making it easier to do our best work for dogs, staff members, and ourselves. This interactive workshop will be designed to get people to share, with an emphasis on how to stop feeling torn down by judgment, emotions, and stress.

Be Prepared for Medical Emergencies

Dr. John Boyd & Dr. Christina Branshaw

We do everything to prevent them, but sometimes medical emergencies in the boarding and daycare setting still happen. When an emergency does arise, you and your staff need to be prepared. Dr. Boyd &Dr. Branshaw will cover the types of emergencies that are common and what can you do to help stabilize patients and how to know when transfer is necessary. Specific topics they will be covering are bloat, wounds, dog fights, and seizures, as well as any other audience questions.

Your Moment! Design, Achieve, Sustain

John Sturgess

In this session you will learn how to follow a well-designed process to achieve your goals, design and champion your business process, achieve success by engaging and empowering your team to build a winning culture, and grow and sustain your business. The three areas of focus will include 1) Design: From the beginning to ongoing design that includes customer, brand, focus &process models, 2) Achieve: Small &big wins through empowerment, engagement &measurement models, and 3) Sustain: Once you reach your goals, be able to sustain them through segmentation, differentiation, growth &reinvention models. You will walk away with an understanding of empowering yourself and engaging your professional teams to maximize your efforts to achieve your goals.

Quiet Dog Daycare Workshop

Laurie Wagner

Calm the crazy, build up the timid, and reduce barking, jumping, humping & marking. This four-hour, three part program is designed to help dog professionals help & retain more dogs - and make more money!

Part 1) Through The Dog’s Eyes

This interactive session provides a unique insight into the dog’s perspective and will be an eye-opening change to the way you interact with dogs. If you want to prevent dog bites, you need to learn - and be able to teach your staff how the dogs see you.

Part 2) Can You Speak Dog?

Dogs are primal creatures and to deny that is foolish. You could spend time teaching individual dogs how to understand human language (traditional obedience training) or you can take the time and initiative to learn their language. In this session, you will learn the keys to understanding what they’re trying to tell us and what messages our body language is sending to them. Our movements are telling them things - don’t you want to know what message is being sent?

Part 3) Blending in The Fringe

In this two-hour session, you will learn the process of slowing down the bold and bringing out the timid. This system will allow you to keep/better manage the problem dogs, therefore making more money. This session will include Laurie’s “Daycare Rules” for humans, as well as what good play looks/sounds like, hiring processes that work, what their pre-eval & eval process looks like, and what their policies are to ensure a safe environment for dogs & staff.

Chewing the Bone: Systems & Processes to Make Your Business Operate Smooth

Bella Vasta

Just because we are business owners, doesn't mean we have to be buried under it all. Join Bella to learn how you can be on top of it as we dive through the most common hiccups in every pet business including accounting, scheduling, staffing, operations, &marketing. You can walk out of this seminar with new systems and processes to implement to create your own smooth-running business.