Wednesday Programs

How Much Should You Be Charging per Night?

Laura Laaman

American pet parents are estimated to have spent more than $72 billion on their pets in 2018, and this has resulted in more competition than ever. Between large-scale chains and app-based pet sitters, it’s critical to position yourself appropriately within your market. How? By charging appropriate prices. Your prices communicate the value of your services to potential (and returning) clients. However, there’s a fragile balance between charging too much and too little. Picking a proper price is step one. Rolling it out to your customers is the dangerous and scary step two. You don't want to send your customers to your competition. It's essential to have the tools to communicate your facility’s value. All savvy business owners should attend this seminar.

Dealing with Dog Reactivity on Leash

Fernando Camacho

Dogs can behave very differently once the leash is put on. That tension in the leash can quickly turn a friendly Fido into a reactive punk. Learn why this happens, keys to both working with and managing the situation, as well as two secret weapons to make some quick changes.

Staying Alive: Being Relevant in A Changing World

Phillip Paris

Today’s marketplace is rapidly advancing to meet the needs of today’s consumer. With many different influences being placed upon businesses and its employees, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with how we should manage our business to meet the needs of our clients. Many businesses are missing some key ingredients that are limiting their success and creating frustration along the way. In this presentation, Phillip will deliver some key principles that can be implemented immediately to create some positive changes for any business; whether a start-up or celebrating 15 years! His innovative and humorous approach to business will leave attendees with relevant and actionable information that can immediately transform any business to a higher level!

Just Clean It

Chris Quinlan

This class will go over what`s needed to properly maintain a clean, disease and odor-free pet boarding, daycare and grooming facility. Specific areas covered will be sanitation, food prep/bowl wash and laundry. Best practices that create efficiency and OSHA and health department compliance will also be reviewed.

Overwhelmed and Overworked? Your Plan for More Sanity, Happiness & Success

Fernando Camacho

Running a business is a crazy roller coaster ride, with lots of responsibilities and a seemingly endless supply of urgent fires to put out. Learn some tools that will help you deal with everything and create a plan to make you happier and more productive. If you feel stressed, exhausted and burnt out, you need this NOW.

Your Marketing Plan: How to Gain, Train and Retain Clients

Pat Quinn

Flat out, advertising costs a ton of money. If you own a canine services business that you’re actively growing, you and your accountant will both agree your advertising budget eats up your bottom line. Even more costly than shoot-from-the-hip advertising campaigns is not having tried and true systems in place to retain those new clients. Stop throwing good money after bad and instead join Pat, he’ll teach you how to max out your ad dollars and, most importantly, give you the systems that he uses to bring in more money from happier, consistent clients.

Smiles, Hand-Wags and Butt-Wiggles: Going Beyond Biscuits

Lynne Swanson

We’re not treat-meanies, but if we could give you fourteen excellent reasons to reward the dogs in your care with genuine, up-to-your-eyes, well-timed smiles, plus some really good reasons to use hand-wags and butt-wiggles (yes, butt-wiggles!) instead of treats, would you use them? Large facility or small, they make boarding and daycare calmer, quieter and really pleasant for dogs and people, alike. Would you like your dogs to be calmer, more relaxed and more responsive? Would you like to set them up for success in groups? And could your days use a few extra smiles? If the answer to all three questions is “Yes!” please join Lynne in this seminar!

Refurbish and Remodel: Upgrade Instead of Uprooting

Greg Taylor

Refurbishing and remodeling can be a cost-effective option to upgrade animal housing facilities without having to build new. Construction work can potentially be done in phases to allow the facility to remain open and align with budget considerations. Learn more about the options available that can freshen up an old facility to better compete with newer facilities in today’s competitive environment. Some learning objectives will be understanding the approximate cost for architectural fees, caging, construction and floors; updates available for gates, side panels and walls, including materials and design options; modular and stacked animal housing solutions; flooring considerations and options; and solutions available for housing cats.

Hiring, Training, and Bringing the Best Out of Your Team

Eric Beck

Running a pet care business is a great decision. But often managing the team proves tougher than we ever thought it could be. As technology and society change at unprecedented rates, we need a strategy for the modern workforce that relies on much more than “common sense.” In this workshop, you will learn strategies for finding the best fit for your business, tips for how to structure your staff training, and tools for keeping your team focused and motivated.

Assessing and Introducing New Dogs

Fernando Camacho

So many problems with dogs in daycares can be avoided if things are done the right way at the get go. You’ll learn how to properly onboard the new dog and the pet parent so that you start off with a solid understanding and set everyone up to succeed. Then we’ll go over how to bring a new dog into the play group and go over some common dog behavior types and what to do with them.

Not All Income Streams Are Created Equal

Teija Heikkila

Revenue is revenue, right?? NO!!! Not all income streams (boarding, training, grooming, daycare, in-home services, etc.) are created equal, whether it be for immediate profitability or building business value for future exit. Learn what revenues are desirable, which ones are undesirable and how to turn the undesirables into profit centers!

Under Paw Surfacing: Get it Right and Keep It Right (Indoor & Outdoor)

Ken Karmie, Jeff Adney & Mel Forbes

In this seminar you will learn how to select and optimize “under foot surfacing” (indoor and outdoor) for boarding and daycare and how best to clean and maintain it. One of the biggest decisions an animal care facility owner has to face is, what is the best and proper under foot surfacing for my business? Some of the types of surfacing covered will include natural grass, concrete, gravel, mulch, artificial grass, resinous based coatings, seamless rubber floors, tile, polished concrete and rolled rubber. The reality is that the impact of your surfacing decision will lead to long term assets or potential liabilities. Come and learn from the experts and gain the knowledge necessary to avoid improper under foot surfacing decisions and instead learn how to properly integrate the best options, both indoor and outdoor, to meet and exceed your goals.