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Tuesday Programs

Tracking Dog Behavior for Safe & Fun Playgroups

Kari Campbell

Focused on tactics to communicate dog behavior to your clients in appropriate and transparent ways, in this session, Kari will cover what is inappropriate dog behavior, how to track inappropriate dog behaviors, and what to do with the information. Having the right dogs in your playgroups means happier dogs and happier staff. You’ll also learn techniques and best practices on how to turn dreaded conversations into loyal customers and more revenue.

Growth Planning for Your Boarding & Daycare Business: Profit, Marketing & KPIs

Garret Tadlock

In this interactive session, Garret will cover some of the key approaches to growing the profit of both daycare and boarding revenue centers. He will review the metrics that need to be measured and monitored, and look at how you can use processes and policies to improve profits. In addition, he will share some unique marketing/partnership opportunities that can expand your reach in the local community. The goal is to equip your staff and business to have the most profitable year yet!

How to Hire & Retain Exceptional Employees: From Interview to First-Year Review

Dana Kreutzer

Labor is a significant expense for pet businesses, yet owners often overlook investing adequate time in this crucial component. Avoid wasting valuable resources by constantly replacing employees. Dana will lead you through a comprehensive step-by-step process to establish a waitlist of enthusiastic candidates eagerly lining up to work for your business. She will also share invaluable tips, tricks, and secrets on how to cultivate a work culture that keeps your employees happy and motivated, driving the growth of your business up to their first-year review. With ample Q&A time, all your inquiries will be addressed. Learn from Dana's expertise to unlock your pet business's potential in attracting and retaining a talented workforce.

Enhancing Animal Care Facilities with Strategies for Health and Safety

Annette Uda & C. Scott Learned

Are you dedicated to providing the best possible care for the animals in your facility? Join Annette and Scott for an insightful session where they will share valuable strategies to enhance the health and safety of your pet care environment. In this specialized course, they will delve into four main topics: Effective Disease Management, Optimizing Ventilation Systems, Navigating Regulatory Compliance, and Innovative Facility Design. By the end of this course, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and tools to provide topnotch care for the animals in your facility and maintain a safe and healthy environment, building trust with your clients and making your pet care facility stand out in the industry.

Demystifying Digital Marketing: What Works, What Doesn’t & What You Should Do Right Now

Duane Carey

With hundreds of options to sift through and so many "opportunities" to spend your hard-earned dollars, how can you make the right digital marketing decisions? Informed by the best practices of his 50+ pet resort clients, Duane will share actionable steps and advice to immediately optimize your marketing budget. In a no-nonsense style, he'll share what actually works and what doesn't, while cutting through the industry jargon. With a heavy focus on Google—both paid and organic—he will cover what you typically can and cannot do yourself. Duane will also discuss various industry benchmarks. Bring your questions and fire away!

Unlocking Success: How to Prepare Your Business for a Lucrative Sale

Teija Heikkila

Whether you're planning for the future or ready to make a move now, unleash your potential for a successful business sale! Join Teija in this transformative seminar where you'll gain invaluable knowledge and expert guidance on preparing your business for a lucrative sale. Discover game-changing strategies that will skyrocket the value of your business and captivate potential buyers, whether they're private individuals or corporate entities. Explore the mindset of different types of buyers, unravel their considerations, tackle the challenges head-on, and delve into the best practices that will set your business apart. With this comprehensive understanding, you'll be equipped to strategically time your sale and position your business for optimum success.

Feline Safe Handling for the Boarding Environment

Dana Chavez-Rey

Join cat expert Dana Chavez-Rey in this two-hour course where she offers a different perspective on feline handling. When moving or transferring cats we often ask “What happened? He just turned on me!” Dana will cover the different possibilities as well as what can be done to prevent certain situations and avoid injury. She will also cover the important questions to ask clients upon intake, how to evaluate cats prior to boarding, and what can be done to lower the stress of our feline friends during their stay.

The Preliminary Planning Process: Crucial Steps Needed to Get Your Project Started

Jeff Adney & Eric Doering

Are you looking to get started or grow in the pet boarding and daycare business? In this seminar, Eric and Jeff will discuss the necessary steps you should be following when looking to purchase or lease a building, or choosing a location for a ground up. They will cover concepts around site selection, zoning nuances, what permitting means, finance options, methods for determining the size of facility, general construction cost, and more. This session will be full of valuable information!