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Thursday Programs

How to Hold Staff Accountable with Love

Eve Molzhon

Learn how to hold your staff accountable...with love! This seminar will provide talking points to use with your team. In addition, Eve will discuss how to utilize tone, how to choose your words wisely, and how to explain the who, what, when, where, and why. You can empower your staff so they don't feel like every time you speak to them, it's a negative thing. Learn how to make your team feel included and have ownership versus just being an employee.

The Benefits of Artificial Grass in A Pet Care Environment

Ken Karmie

You may be thinking, “Synthetic grass is expensive, do I really need it in my pet care business?” In this seminar, Ken will cover the basics of what to look for in synthetic grass and explore the many advantages it can provide. The competitive advantage can be significant, as well as the improved safety for the dogs, increased staff morale, customer satisfaction, and the clear marketing advantages it provides.

11 Ways to Increase Income In Your Pet Care Business Without Raising Prices

Dominic Hodgson

Do you struggle with price resistance and lack confidence to charge what you know your amazing services are worth? Are you leaving money on the table by not offering your clients more products and services? Fear ye not, for like a sniffer dog on the search, Dom will show you how to find the “hidden money” in your business as he shares 11 proven “plug-in” ideas that will quickly and effortlessly add more revenue to your operation. This fast-paced presentation could be the most profitable hour of your week, or your life...

Taking The Pain Out of Processes & Procedures

Phillip Paris

Every business struggles with having clearly defined processes and procedures, and oftentimes we find our operations faltering. Further, many businesses don’t have clearly defined processes which can result in staff morale issues, loss of productivity, loss of revenue, and even loss of happy clients. Developing solid processes and procedures doesn’t have to be a pain in your backside. Join Phillip as he lays out some very solid information on how to implement a winning process and procedures plan that ensures your business operates at a high level and is prepared for the ever-changing employment market. Attendees will leave having a better understanding of how to implement or modify existing processes and be motivated to make some amazing changes in their businesses!

The Melting Pot: Long-term, Breed- and Age-Specific Topics in Pet Care

Jennifer Wolf-Pierson

Each pet that walks through your doors is a unique individual, making standardized systems difficult to create. Arming yourself and your team with policies and procedures for your long-term guests, puppies, seniors, brachycephalic breeds, barrel-chested, and even double-coated breeds will increase the quality of care you are able to provide. During this session, we will identify potential mental and emotional health concerns, outline procedures for prevention, and create tools to communicate these concerns with pet parents. Learning objectives will include identifying long-term, breed- and age-specific concerns in a pet care facility, developing procedures to prevent these health concerns, and creating tools to communicate concerns with pet parents.

How to Build the Bulletproof Online Reputation that Sets You Apart From Your Competition

John Seal

In this fast-paced session, you will discover how to build an impactful review strategy to drive growth and differentiate your brand. Reviews are the new word-of-mouth advertising and building and maintaining a positive online reputation will bring more clients to your boarding and daycare business. Learn simple tactics to get reviews and best practices to respond to unhappy pet owners, all while accelerating growth, keeping long-term customers, and helping to protect your business during a recession. This session allows for participants to ask questions about their marketing tactics and get expert advice on how to improve performance.

10 Most Important Steps to Having an Always-Full Hiring Funnel

Bella Vasta

What if you were able to always hire the “A Team?” What if you had a funnel full of great leads for your next employee? How much more business could you take on or how large could you scale your business to? Join Bella to learn the 10 most crucial steps that every business owner needs to have in place to ensure that your hiring funnel is always full. She will go step by step, leaving you with resources, and even some templates that you can take with you back to your facility to implement right away.

Run It Like You’re Selling! The Strategy Behind Increasing Business Value

Teija Heikkila

Every business owner will exit their business at one stage or another. Whether you are in the growth stage, retiring, or anywhere in between, you will want a strategy in place that will allow you to exit with the highest possible value at any given time. In this session, you will learn what contributes to business value and what detracts so you can operate your business every day with a focus on building value without affecting the quality of the pet care provided. The pet care industry is ever evolving, get in the know so every business decision you make will be one that increases your business worth.