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Thursday Programs

Stressed Out: Handling Stress in Boarding and Daycare Pets

Dr.John Boyd & Dr. Christina Branshaw

Join Dr. Boyd and Dr. Branshaw in this seminar about handling those pets who exhibit signs of stress in the boarding or daycare setting. This discussion will cover common conditions that you will encounter with pets that are manifestations of stress, as well as ways to minimize stress and therefore minimize these conditions. Every facility gets them so learn how to identify and manage this common condition to provide the pets in your care with a more relaxing stay.

Can Benevolent Leadership End Your Staff Drama?

Susan Briggs & Robin Bennett

Are you ready to spend less time resolving staff issues? In this seminar Susan will share how to make the same benevolent leadership model used with the dogs work for your staff. You’ll learn the top tools you need in your manager’s toolbox to effectively manage and lead your team without the drama.

Work It! How to Sell Yourself in the Pet Industry

Jamie Migdal

So many pet professionals have bold plans to start their own company and become a name brand in the field/industry. But after the blue-sky thinking is done, you have to come back to earth and figure out how to sell yourself. There are many tools available to help you grow and sell, and quite often new owners can become bogged down in the minutiae and paralyzed by too many options. Join Jamie Migdal as she walks you through some of the best tools on the market and ways to plan a realistic, sustainable course of action that can help you meet and exceed your goals.

Adding Boarding to Your Veterinary Practice

Greg Taylor

Whether you’re adding boarding or expanding your existing boarding in your veterinary practice, adding medical boarding or an isolation unit to your kennel - this is one you don’t want to miss. You’ll learn best practices when adding or expanding boarding to your practice, the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular dog and cat enclosure systems used for boarding, how to prevent cross-contamination issues between kennels and how to create a stress-free environment for cats, as well as acquire knowledge of what a typical kennel or cottage costs. It is also valuable for any veterinarian working with animal shelters or in any environment where animal housing may present safety or disease contamination concerns. RACE, AIA, CES approved.

The Smell of Success

Mel Forbes

One of the top criteria pet owners use when choosing a Daycare or Boarding facility is what does it smell like? In this class we will discuss odor control management and which odor control products work the best, the importance of cleaning HVAC intake vents, hair and fur removal, and artificial turf maintenance. Mel will also share solutions on how that “clean smell” can be achieved without overwhelming perfumed products. If the “smell of success” is what you’re after, come learn how 30 years of proven animal care cleaning solutions can help you reach that goal.

Be Bold, Be Different, & Do Right from the Start

Teena Patel

You've opened your new dog daycare (or will be doing so shortly), congratulations! Now is the perfect time to try an innovative business model that allows you to differentiate your facility while giving companion dogs their best possible lives. In this motivational seminar, Teena Patel will show attendees how to forge a bold path with their new dog daycare businesses, a path that reduces operational stress and creates opportunities for staff, dogs, and business owners themselves. If you want to set your business - and dogs - up for success right from the very beginning, this session will show you the way.

Preventing Respiratory Infectious Disease in Pet Care Facilities

Annette Uda

“I’m requiring the vaccines. I’m doing the cleaning. Why am I still having outbreaks?” Dog flu, canine cough, and other airborne respiratory infectious diseases can shut down a facility for weeks – and impact your business reputation indefinitely. Even if you have vaccine and surface cleaning protocols in place, you’re still missing a key prevention aspect – cleaning the air. In this session, we discuss exactly how these diseases spread and how they can be mitigated. We’ll go beyond vaccines and typical surface cleaning methods to best protect your business and the animals in your care.

Barking up the Right Tree: Networking Your Pet Business

Bella Vasta

Networking doesn't have to be a scary word. Learn as Bella shows you how to be as excited as a puppy about your next networking opportunity. She will teach you exactly what works when networking in big crowds to 1:1 to get the right types of people in your pack and barking up the right tree.

The Reactive Dog

Robin Bennett

What do you do with reactive dogs? Can you help them in a group play setting? In this seminar, Robin will discuss the ways to set up a reactive dog class that can help owners learn how to teach their dogs to relax in the presence of other dogs. Tips for dealing with a dog that barks, lunges and pulls when he sees another dog, how to teach dog owners to refocus their dog using safe, humane, dog-friendly methods based on classical conditioning, and desensitization will all be covered.

The Strategic Business Advantage of Artificial Grass

Ken Karmie

Artificial grass can change the appearance of a facility significantly. This session will explore the "strategic business advantages” which include marketing, operations, staff morale as well as the significant impact it can have on the bottom line. This session will include a case study presented by a facility owner that can share their personal experience.

Understanding What Metrics Drive Your Business

Garret Tadlock

Business owners can become so overwhelmed with the day to day operations that they often times don’t know how to start working ON their business. In this interactive session you will learn what thriving facilities are measuring and how these indicators can enable your staff to drive profitability, deliver the highest quality of care & create happier brand advocates out of clients.