Thursday Programs

Avoiding the Unexpected in Construction

Ritch Batterton

Are you worried about roadblocks and additional costs with your new construction? In this seminar, Ritch will go over ways of avoiding the costly mistakes that are common in new construction of a boarding facility. He will cover the process of gathering equipment information for the contractor, manufacturing, order processes, and lead times; all very important information for anyone building new or adding on to an existing facility.

Creating A Puppy Program for Your Pet Care Facility

Robin Bennett

What could be more fun than puppies? And making them a profitable part of your business should be a no-brainer. Learn how to create a special program you can offer just for the puppies. This session will cover the important considerations about puppy development, key considerations on handling and socializing puppies, house training tips, class structure and format, and pricing options.

From "Hello" to "Five Stars": Connect with, Sell, and Satisfy Your Clients at Every Step

Kim Olson

Your clients are short on time, long on expectations, and are looking for quality and convenience when it comes to choosing a provider for their beloved pets. How can you build trust and win their business? In this session, we’ll talk about how you can leverage client communication tactics and tools as an extension of your marketing strategies, and deliver a five-star experience – from “Hello” to “Thank You”. Attendees will learn the latest features on Google to improve your business’s online presence, powerful messaging capabilities on the most popular internet platforms, and how to generate great client reviews on the most popular platforms, including Google, Yelp, Facebook, and Nextdoor. Attendees will learn best practices that can be implemented immediately to improve client engagement and drive more business.

Top Ten Things That Can Lead to a Fatality in Your Facility

Dr. John Boyd

By Acknowledging and addressing risk factors that can lead to death, you can then take operational and managerial action steps that will reduce the likelihood of such fatalities occurring within your facility, which Dr. Boyd will cover in this program. Are you risk tolerant, or risk adverse? What is your acceptable death rate?

Synthetic Grass: Benefits, Features, and How It Saves Bottom-Line Dollars

Mike Bell

This class will focus on why, where and the type of synthetic grass you should use in your kennel, play area, and general area uses. Mike will focus on the different types of grasses/turf to use and installation of these grasses depending on the surface they are installed on. Mike will also address should you use infill or not, securing the grass area, drainage and overall difficulty of doing it yourself or hiring an installer and costs involved, how synthetic grasses save on kennel costs of labor, cleaning of the surface area, the pet and odor control compared to other natural or man-made surfaces.

Feline Harmony in Your Boarding Facility

Deborah Hansen

In this seminar you’ll learn how to make your boarding environment meet the different needs of every cat in your facility. Deborah will cover how to safely transfer felines to and from their carriers, making the enclosure comfortable for the different temperament types of felines, and how to read feline body language to assure the cat is safe, stress-free and comfortable in their boarding enclosure.

Stop Being Right and Start Winning: A Common Sense Approach to Customer Service

Phillip Paris

In our industry, there is immense pressure to have all of the answers, be exceptional pet care experts, behavioral pros and be in the running for “Boss (or employee) of the Year”. In this pursuit of greatness, often times our ways come across rigid and insincere which can lead to a customer relationship nightmare that ends with a bad date with Yelp! Customer service issues are the #1 reason clients will abandon a business and account for a majority of poor reviews left online. Join Phillip for an insightful look into our industry customer service pitfalls and learn how you can implement some simple, fast and effective customer service solutions that will help revitalize your clients experience at your workplace.

What Matters and What Doesn’t in Building Business Value

Teija Heikkila

Your role as the CEO of your business is twofold; maximize ongoing profitability and create value in your business for a payoff in the future. There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about what builds business value and what matters to buyers & investors. This session will ‘cut to the chase’ and give you the hard-hitting facts of what matters and what doesn’t so you know where to focus your limited energies on.

How to Fail a Dog Without Alienating the Owners and Other Difficult Conversations

Susan Briggs

How do you balance honesty about the dogs with the sensitive feelings of the pet parent in a way that doesn’t completely open you up to harassment or negative publicity? Learn the ins and outs of effective communication about evaluations and other touchy issues when you have challenging information to share. In this session, you’ll discover how you define your evaluation process determines the ease of talking to your client, the importance of practicing your conversations in advance, strategies to keeping your clients happy even when you have difficult news to tell them, words to use and avoid, why talking less is sometimes better, and ways to allow the owner to listen better.

Engage Your Customers and Succeed Online

Eric Altstatt

From Wix to WordPress and SEO to Social Media, how do you comb through the overwhelming information and make the right choices? Your digital platform is important and the best advocate for your business and your customers is you. Learn the right tools to employ and empower yourself in an increasingly overwhelming digital landscape. Transform your digital brand from a presence to a customer-centric, income-producing extension of your business.

A Practical Guide to Cleaners and Disinfectants for Infectious Disease Control

Jose Ramirez

In this seminar, Jose will review the key criteria for the selection of chemical cleaning and disinfection agents specific to disease prevention in a companion animal group setting. A basic understanding of the chemistry behind the products will allow the user to better gauge outcomes related to cleaning or disinfection efficacy, their effects on health and safety of the animals, impact on the health and safety of the staff responsible for executing the cleaning and disinfection program, and potential negative effects on the environment, such as indoor air quality or waste disposal.