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Wednesday Programs

The Concierge Strategy: Consistently Thrilling Customers At Your Front Desk

Eric Beck

A pet parent walks in the door, ready to be treated with respect and given the attention they deserve. But instead, the customer, made to wait, is getting angry; and the customer on the phone can tell something’s not right; the dogs are going nuts and the employees spinning all the plates are just about to drop them. Stress is going up. Without meaning to, a bad workflow design has caused your #1 opportunity for growing relationships with your customers & prospects to wither and die — and it’s happening day after day in most facilities. This session will help you reorganize and streamline your front desk workflow (can be applied to any job in your facility) so that your customers are consistently thrilled with their experience.

Fights And Bites In Daycare: Is It Normal Or Negligence?

Susan Briggs & Robin Bennett

How common are fights between dogs in an off-leash play setting? Is it a normal, everyday part of running a daycare or is it something that indicates negligence of your staff? In this session, you will learn how to tell the difference. Both daycare owners and their staff will benefit from this session to understand how to minimize the risk of dog bites and fights in your off-leash playgroups, how to reduce your costs if veterinarian treatment is required, when to dismiss a dog from daycare (to avoid a fight or because of one), the tools to use to help break up a fight without injury, and the steps to take after a fight happens.

Kennel Design, Cat housing, Drains & Floors: Integrating Them All For Success

Greg Taylor & Jeff Adney

Kennels are typically one of the biggest line items in a new or refurbished facility, drains are probably the most overlooked and abused feature in a building and floors are the most common complaint by owners because too often they are done poorly or incorrectly. This four-hour presentation will take a deep dive into all three of these critical areas and then discuss how to integrate them to create a facility that works. The final hour will take a look into current cat housing trends, material options and how to how to bring it all together.

Hour 1) Kennel Trends and Design

A lot has changed over the past 5-10 years; there are new materials, better floor seals, creative designs, and most importantly, fresh thinking on what a dog needs to reduce stress and fear. Jeff and Greg will discuss the pros and cons (including cost) of block wall and isolation panels and the different materials available for each option. Gate materials and designs will be discussed, along with their respective cost, and how to incorporate the latest research on what dogs need to reduce their stress. Other discussion points will include ways to increase capacity in a given foot print by utilizing tri-kennels, stacked runs, and double-decked runs. Real life rooms and luxury suites will also be reviewed, as these have grown in popularity.

Hour 2) Common Types of Floors Used in Boarding and Daycare Facilities

Jeff and Greg will go over substrates and preparation, discuss what to specify, and the varying testing methods available. They will also discuss the pros and cons of different slope and draining options, as well as flooring possibilities (sealed concrete, epoxy, tiles, rubber, etc.) and how they can influence cleaning protocol and kennel design and provide “how-to” tips on making certain your flooring contractors do a professional job and don’t leave you with unanswered warranty claims down the road.

Hour 3) Why Your Kennels Need to Work with the Selected Floor and Drain Option

It is critical for flooring and drain design to be coordinated with kennel design if the entire system is to function properly and to its maximum potential, especially if side panels are utilized. They will go over the most common ways kennels seal to a floor, how to prevent cross contamination and thereby reduce disease outbreaks, and the pros and cons of different drain placements and how it impacts kennel design, as well as the type of wall coving, if any, that is used by the flooring firm.

Hour 4) Designing the Purrfect Cat Housing

Cats are finally receiving the attention they deserve! For years, the standard cat housing was a small 28” cube made from cold, loud, stainless steel. Over the past 5 years there has been a growing emphasis on rethinking this housing standard as more and more research has indicated the benefits to cats of larger living areas, more shelves, separation of food and water from living, etc. The market has responded with an ever-increasing array of cat housing to address these objectives and increase boarding revenue. This presentation will focus on current trends in cat housing for pet resorts, and will cover the pros and cons of different materials; how ventilation can be incorporated into units with glass fronts or restricted airflow; modular units; cleaning issues; and of course, cost.

Be Prepared for a Medical Emergency

Michelle Allen

If it hasn’t happened yet, someday a dog will have a seizure, a stroke, or will suddenly collapse from a heart condition or a hemangiosarcoma while at your facility. None of these conditions can be avoided, no matter how safe and careful you are, the possibility is always there. You absolutely must be prepared to handle anything that might happen, no matter the likelihood. Learn about some of those common issues Michelle has seen in 20 years in this business, and how you can set your staff up for success before they find themselves in an emergency situation. Know why it is so important to have several specific questions answered and obtain a veterinary release from each client.

What You Need To Know About Infectious Disease

Dr. Joseph Hahn

This seminar will discuss common transmissible diseases of dogs, including pathogens of CIRDC (canine infectious respiratory disease complex), Leptospirosis, Parvo, and Distemper. The lecture will give an overview of the incidence rate, how to recognize the clinical signs of illness and how to recognize signs of illness in dogs, and prevention. Management of outbreaks in group environments such as kennels and doggie daycares and options for prevention, including vaccination and sanitation protocols will also be discussed.

Online Business Tools for 2017

Fernando Camacho

Unless you want your business to go extinct, it's critical that you evolve and utilize the current online tools available. In this two-hour series, Fernando will walk you through some of the amazing platforms that you have at your disposal that will help you spread your message, increase your following, and bring in more customers.

Hour 1) The Amazing Power of Online Video

Video is such a powerful way to connect with people online and it's currently the hottest marketing tool for businesses. Fern will go over the ways you can use video within your business to build relationships with both leads and customers, as well as how it can position you above your competition. He will also show you exactly how you can get started with video marketing right now for little or no money using what you already have.

Hour 2) Using Facebook (The Right Way) To Boost Your Business

Like it or not, Facebook is the most powerful online tool available to spread the word on your business and grow you following and clientele. It's where all your customers and potential customers are hanging out, so your business better be there too. There are lots of businesses on Facebook, however most of them are doing it all wrong. In this seminar, you'll learn the right way to run your Facebook page and how to get started with FB ads (which every single business should be using).

Maximize Profits by Hiring, Developing & Managing a Winning Team

Lori Davis

Difficulty with staffing is one of the most common issues for business owners. Are you stumped by a high rate of turnover? Do you get tired of filling the same positions over and over again? Do you yearn for employees who care as much as you do? Learn new strategies to attract and keep the brightest and the best for your pet care business. From recruiting to interviewing, on-boarding and managing, you will take home proven tools to turn that age-old staffing headache into your business’s best kept secret for success!