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Tuesday Programs

DIY Project Management For Design And Construction Projects

Rick Bacon

It is not easy to run a business and manage a design and construction project simultaneously. The presentation will help prepare individuals for what to expect when they take on “Do It Yourself” project management for their own design and construction projects. Materials presented will assist participants to evaluate their own capabilities and time requirements for self-management. Topics discussed include roles and responsibilities, contracts, copyrights, design team coordination, budgets, schedules, design process, project delivery methods, selecting a contractor, permitting and inspections, pay requests, and more. Two project examples will be examined; one is a new kennel construction project and the other is a renovation / building conversion into a boarding and daycare business.

Solving Your Worst Problems Supervising Off-Leash Play

Susan Briggs & Robin Bennett

Tired of dealing with barking, gate-crashers, mounting, poop eating, and the arousal during dog arrivals? Want a way to make daycare more fun and enjoyable for your staff AND the dogs? In this seminar, Robin and Susan provide tips to creating safer playgroups and managing the most challenging issues encountered during off-leash play. Minimize the headaches and stress of your staff as you discover the key actions that will create calm in the chaos of daycare.

Kennel And Grooming Staff: Vital Members Of The Health Care Team

Dr. Bernadine Cruz, DVM

Pets in your care may need medical attention. Would you know what to do? Can you recognize the signs of the most common serious conditions? When do you need to go to the veterinarian or emergency clinic? How do you get medication into that uncooperative pet? Kennel and grooming staff are an essential part of the pet health care team. Be proactive; make pet owners aware of health concerns they may not have been aware of, you could save a life! Prevent the spread of disease between pets and people. Anytime, anywhere, medical emergencies can occur. Learn the steps to an effective response with ‘Check…Call…Care.’

Web Marketing 2017: Simple Keys To Unlocking Maximum Profitability

Alain Parcan

Your Website should be the foundation of any marketing strategy, online and offline. Whether people learned about your business from a friend or found you online, chances are they’re going to take a look at your Website before calling you. Make sure your Website has the five features that Google – and potential customers – are looking for!

This two-hour marketing coaching session is designed to help you understand everything from basic Website fundamentals, up to more intricate, new, and timely strategies. Join Market Hardware’s Alain Parcan, Director of Marketing, and Mike Civetti, Senior Pet Care Consultant, as they provide tips, secrets, answers and more!

They will also help you schedule out your Social Media posts and talk about some of their Email Newsletter strategies that have been successful in the pet care industry. Make sure you bring a pen and paper while learning about our ‘90/10’ rule as it pertains to both Social Media and Email Newsletters!

Putting The Perfect Systems In Place: Staff Training, Policies And Procedures

Michelle Allen

The road to business bliss comes from properly documenting everything in your business operation, from policies, processes, & procedures to forms & checklists, and then training your staff using a systematic approach. Attend this four-hour seminar to learn everything you need to know to get started (or to get re-started) on training your staff and putting policies and procedures into place.

Hour 1) Training & Developing Your Staff

It is vitally important that you train your staff to handle a variety of scenarios so that they represent your company accurately. Training and developing your staff is one of the most important tasks you face, yet it is easy to allow the demands of the business to push continuing education to the back burner. In the first hour, Michelle will cover staff training for standard operating procedures, as well as educating your staff on different aspects of dog care and behavior which are imperative for creating the perfect staff.

Hour 2) Developing Policies, Processes, & Procedures (PPPs)

Your staff needs a clear set of guidelines to follow to ensure that each staff member is operating in the same way, and so that your customers have a sense of continuity. Without PPPs, your staff is left to decide for themselves how to operate your business. In this hour, Michelle will discuss some basics PPPs and how they can help you to avoid some sticky situations down the line.

Hour 3) Using Forms, Checklists, and Task Lists to Effectively Manage Your Business

In this hour, Michelle will cover the use of forms, checklists, and task lists that can streamline you and you staff’s daily routines, and provide that much-needed reminder of the small stuff that sometimes slips the mind. In addition, they provide a great benchmark for use in your employee reviews. Having a detailed task management system can save you lots of time and energy.

Hour 4) Improving Your Staff’s Efficiency (Without Compromising Safety)

No matter how well you planned everything out, there is always room for improvement. One employee can drag down the whole team if they don’t follow some simple steps. In this seminar, Michelle will discuss how you can speed up your business operation by implementing some simple changes, and will examine how easy it is to dramatically improve the efficiency of your staff.

Dog Daycare Behavior Bootcamp

Fernando Camacho

The more you understand the dogs you work with, the better your job will be and the happier your clients will be (both human and canine). In this four-hour series, Fernando Camacho will educate you so you can better communicate with the dogs that enter your facility, keep your employees safe and your clients happy. This will help improve your interactions with the dogs that stay with you and minimize accidents.

Hour 1) Understanding Dog Communication

Learn the language of dog so you can better understand how dogs are feeling and finally know what they’ve been trying to tell you all this time. We’ll look at lots of video footage and discuss what’s going on with the dogs so you can read and work with dogs better.

Hour 2) Assessing New Dogs

Deciding which dogs are a good fit for daycare and which dogs to turn away is a difficult decision. In this seminar, we'll go over how you can set up your assessments to go well so you can make the right choice for everyone involved. You'll learn all the best practices as well as common mistakes to look out for.

Hour 3) How to Best Manage Dog Play Groups

When you're trying to control a pack of playful, high energy dogs, things can get out of hand pretty quickly. If you do things the right way, however, you are much more likely to get the dogs to listen to you and keep everyone safe and well behaved. In this seminar, we'll discuss the do's and don'ts of working with dog play groups, safety tips and best practices to create a positive environment for both staff and dogs.

Hour 4) Dog Fights: How Prevent and Break Them Up

Many altercations between dogs can be avoided if you understand the warning signs and take action early. Fern will show you what to look out for so you can stop fights before they start, what you should (and shouldn't) do to keep safe, and how to handle things if you have to break up a dog fight.

Insights For A Successful Design And Construction Project

Mark Moore & Melanie Friedman

This four-hour session will be a comprehensive look into the steps of a building design. We will take a look into how to get started on the right foot to make the process into a positive impact on your business and your clients. We will talk about the common hurdles that you will encounter and how to overcome them, how to select a team and then delve into the proper layout and finishes of your facility. The session will then end with a question and answer segment with our experts. You should leave this session fully prepared to start a project that will be better organized and started down a positive path of success.

Hour 1) How to Get Started

Have you been thinking about a construction project and how it can be a positive impact on your business, but are not sure what to do first? Considering a project can be daunting, but there are easy steps that can be followed to give you the confidence to make important decisions and get yourself started on the right foot. Believe it or not, this process can be exciting and fun if you are prepared and have the right tools.

Hour 2) Common Hurdles and How to Overcome Them

Learn about common challenges that arise before, during and after construction projects are completed and how to prevent them from happening. These can apply to leasehold improvements, interior renovations, additions or new construction. Taking away a few nuggets of knowledge can save you time, dollars and frustration.

Hour 3) Selecting Your Dream Team

Surrounding yourself with the right professionals can make a world of difference to the success of your project. Learn how to assess what scope of services and type of contract your project needs. Knowing the right questions to ask potential architects, builders, and lenders will also help determine which teammates will be the best fit for you.

Hour 4) Choosing the Proper Layout and Finishes for Your Facility

A proper layout will give you an efficient flow for your staff’s daily operations and will give a more positive experience to your clientele. Additionally, choosing the right (or wrong) materials can have a huge impact on the longevity and functionality of your facility. Learn what options are available and how to prioritize where to consider spending dollars that will produce a return on your investment through your operations, maintenance and repair costs.

Barkleigh Pet Professional First Aid/CPR Certification

Jill Pipino

As a pet care professional, you want to be equipped with the skills to handle medical emergencies that arise while a pet is in your care. Whether a pet becomes ill, injured, or needs help in a disaster, this course will teach you how to respond. 
In this four-hour interactive course you will learn emergency care, how to stock a first aid kit, perform CPR, respond to breathing and heart emergencies (including choking), and disaster procedures, with some of these exercises being demonstrated on a demo dog. This unique course is customized for pet care professionals and you will learn how to respond to emergencies specific to your industry. Upon completion of this course, you will receive a frameable certificate stating that you are certified in dog and cat First Aid & CPR.