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Monday Programs

Should I Lease Or Buy?

Teija Heikkila

This seminar covers both options of leasing space or buying real estate, when starting your pet care business. Teija will discuss the risks and rewards of both scenarios and in what situations one might be a better option over the other. Topics covered will include legal aspects of each option, financial consequences of each option, how each option relates to the growth of your business, and how each option affects the future sale of your business.

Equity, Debt and the Bank Financing Process

George Harrop

Your pet boarding business needs capital to thrive. Whether you are newly launched, expanding in your current space, looking to acquire another business or build from the ground up, knowing when and how to apply for a loan is critical for success. In this presentation, we will look at the uses and applicability of debt versus equity, how to prepare your business for a loan, what banks look for when assessing a pet boarding business, and explore common myths and misunderstandings around financing a business. We will also cover some of the benefits (and risks) of utilizing debt to own, rather than rent, your business real estate. Finally, we will highlight some of the drawbacks of taking on too much debt before you’re ready.